Chinese New Year Gifting for MIELE

how is your ride into 2024 so far?
happy year of the dragon guys!

it was a lovely wrap to have upycled this Chinese New Year hamper for @miele_com the last project before we entered the year of the dragon.


To create the dragon teddies and red packet pouch, we collected preloved red clothing and fabrics from the Miele Hong Kong team as well as using up any red and grey fabric we have in the studio, we created new fabric through our needle-punching machine, mixing the two brand colours of Miele. From fabric to product, the dragon teddies have been handcrafted in our studio in Hong Kong.

thank you so much Janet, Alby and Mandy for inviting us to create gifts for your clients through upcycling, we really appreciate how Miele does things differently.

we hope more companies and brands will start doing things differently, upcycling gifts should definitely be the new way forwards!!

February 2024