We are fashion surgeons, here to give clothes a second chance at life. The fashion industry is sick. We resuscitate dead stock and pre-loved clothing so that we can live in style without adding to the world’s landfills.


We specialise in redesigning and upcycling deadstock garments and material for individuals, fashion and lifestyle brands as well as corporates, NGOs and theatre groups, creating fashion pieces, artwork, home furnishings and costumes. The process involves deconstruction and reconstruction of garments, recuperating and working with leftover or surplus material, embroidery, needle punching, print and sewing, all done in our studio in Hong Kong.

We value our community, we come together as Fashion Clinic Collective to restore and redesign clothing, jewellery, hats and bags. Our team consists of different specialists, designers and makers to broaden our spectrum of services.  We call this the WARDROBE AWAKENING SERVICE, repairing, restoring, redyeing and redesigning your favourite item for you. We also regularly give talks and workshops on commission. 

We hope to CHANGE DESIGN to DESIGN CHANGE, and close the loop of the consumption cycle. We believe in the need for CIRCULARITY and RESPONSIBILITY in fashion, together we hope to design a FUTURE WITHOUT WASTE. This is our FASHION REVOLUTION.

About Fashion Clinic Collective