Sustainability Living Show at Central Market

Happy to see our upcycled pieces come to life as a collection on the catwalk Sustainability Living Show at Central Market!

We focused on the reinterpretation of the mens shirt and pants, the t-shirt and denim pieces, deconstructing and reconstructing new look from second hand pieces. There is still so much space to play with upcycling and design, and we truly believe this should be the way forwards for fashion designers today.


Great to see the pieces on real and very interesting people:
Shah Rukh
Ho Yan 

Thank you guys and girls!! Thank you for Janice for doing the makeup and hair for both the opening ceremony and the show!


Thank you once again to Central Market for the invitation,
and the collaboration with Salvation Army supplying us with second hand clothing to create the three cubes presenting the theme of Playground For All.

August 2023